7 Simple Hacks to Save Money on Groceries.

The cost of living has increased beyond belief in the last couple of years; you know that already, right? These days being frugal is not an option anymore.

If you are not thinking about how to save an extra penny here and there, you are throwing your money away, which can significantly impact your wallet this time. 

My family is simple and frugal; we have always been. We plan and track our monthly expenditures and stick to our budget. However, these seven hacks have helped us save money on groceries like nothing else. 

1. Checking for an offer before heading to the grocery store. 

I am not married to a particular store. My favourite store is the one that has a deal on what I want to buy. After I made my grocery list for the buys of the week, my next move was to check what store had my items on sale on the Flipp app. 

Flipp is an app where you can find all store flyers near you. What I love the most about Flipp is that you have all the information you need in one place. I have made a habit of transferring my list to the app, making my life much easier. 

A simple search for chicken will bring the store with the lowest price, I select my choice, and that item is added to my list. 

2. Look for discounted deals. 

Hunting for discounted items is a peculiar habit, and not many people know about this grocery money-saving hack. Discounted Items are different from products that are on sale.

Some grocery stores have a section where they display products about to expire but still are good to consume within a short period. 

You can get as much as 50% down on the original price. In Walmart, for instance, there is a rack at the end of the fresh produce section where you can find anything from fresh produce to bakery products at an excellent price. 

The Flashfood app lets you seemingly find these deals, and I always check them before heading to the store. Meat products usually add the most to your bill; this app is a fantastic way to save on that. 

Besides, it also gives me satisfaction to know that, in a way, I am protecting the environment by buying food that otherwise would go wasted. 

3. Using cashback apps. 

Another hack that saves us money each month on groceries is using reward apps. 

I use Receipt Hog. This app allows you to earn rewards when you upload your receipt to their platform. 

So every time I come home from grocery shopping, I upload my receipt to this app to boost my savings.

On top of that, you can earn some extra coins if you decide to take their surveys.

There are many other apps like this, but I have been using Receipt Hog for a while, which is why I recommend it. 

4. Never go grocery shopping when feeling hungry.

I noticed one day that when I went grocery shopping with an empty stomach, my shopping cart was full of things I didn’t need and just bought because they looked delicious. 

That’s why I decided to have a snack before heading to the store, and I have stuck to it. Buying on impulses or bodily emotions can make your wallet hurt pretty severely. So keep that in mind. 

5. Adding prices to my calculator.

Small expenses can add up to make a huge bill. If you are unaware of your expenses, you can surpass your budget in one grocery visit. 

That is why I always bring my calculator with me. Don’t get me wrong. I am pretty serious about saving, so my phone calculator is a great ally to help me stay put in my budget, and this simple hack saves me money on groceries all the time.

6. Cooking my meals. A decisive hack to save money on groceries

I have heard people cook less and less at home and rely entirely on prepared packaged food. I know this can be convenient, especially when you have a regular job. 

But cooking your meals at home can help you save a lot of money. Prepackaged meals are more expensive because the sellers have to account for expenses associated with producing the food, like professional cooking spaces leasing and workforce. 

Not only do I enjoy cooking for the sake of it, but also it gives me satisfaction that is helping keep a healthy wallet. 

7. Growing my greens. A rewarding hack to save money on groceries

When springtime arrives, I start making preparations and plant my tomatoes, eggplants, cucumbers, peppers, and aromatic herbs every year. It is so rewarding to see them grow.!! This is a habit that saves me some bucks during the season. 

Moreover, if you ever have a super production, as is always the case with cucumbers, you can pickle them. This hack to save money on groceries is one of my favourites. My whole family enjoys it.

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