Where Does the NRA Get Its Money?

Are you curious about the National Rifle Association’s (NRA) financial operations? Would you want to know where the NRA gets its money? The NRA is one of the most powerful lobbying groups in the United States. And it operates on a budget of millions of dollars each year.

But where does all that money come from?

What is the NRA

NRA at a meeting. Where did they get their money from?

The NRA stands for the National Rifle Association. It is an American organization that advocates for gun rights and the Second Amendment to the United States Constitution.

The organization also provides firearms safety training and education programs, as well as support for pro-gun legislation.

The NRA was founded in 1871 in New York State as a governing body for the sport of shooting with rifles and pistols.

Their early focus was on promoting marksmanship and gun safety. The organization sponsored shooting competitions and provided training to military personnel. Which also helped to bring money in.

Over time, the NRA’s focus expanded beyond marksmanship and gun safety. The organization became a powerful political force, advocating for the rights of gun owners and opposing gun control measures.

While the NRA’s origins are rooted in marksmanship and gun safety, the organization has evolved over time.

Today, the NRA is a powerful political force with millions of members and significant influence over gun laws and regulations. And a lot of money in its wallet. But where does it get its money from?

Where Does the NRA Get Its Money?

If you’re curious about where the National Rifle Association (NRA) gets its funding, you’re not alone.

The NRA funding sources have been a topic of debate for years. Here’s a breakdown of where the NRA gets its money:

Membership Dues

One of the primary sources of funding for the National Rifle Association (NRA) is membership dues. Just like any other nonprofit organization that gets its money from memberships.

Members pay an annual fee that goes toward supporting the organization’s programs and initiatives.

According to the NRA’s financial statements, membership dues accounted for 42.9% of the organization’s total revenue in 2021, down from 50.5% in 2013.

The NRA offers several types of membership, including regular, life, and junior memberships. The cost of membership varies depending on the type and duration of membership you choose.

For example, a regular one-year membership costs $45, while a five-year membership costs $150.

Junior memberships are available for those under 18 years old and cost $15 per year.

As of 2023, the NRA has close to 4.5 million members.


In addition to membership dues, the NRA also receives funding from private donors and contributions. Private contributions and grants accounted for 34.5% of total NRA revenue in 2021, up from 27.7% in 2013.

The NRA has a long list of donors who contribute to the organization’s fundraising efforts. Some of the biggest donors to the NRA include wealthy individuals, corporations, and other organizations who support the NRA’s mission and goals.

For example, the NRA has received millions of dollars in donations from the firearms industry, including gun manufacturers and retailers.

Contributions to the NRA can take many forms, including cash donations, bequests, and gifts of stock or other securities.

Donors also contribute to the NRA’s political action committee (PAC). This committee supports political candidates who are aligned with the organization’s pro-gun agenda.

Corporate Partnerships

The NRA has a number of corporate partners that provide funding in exchange for marketing opportunities and other benefits.

Some of the NRA’s corporate partners include gun manufacturers, outdoor retailers, and other companies. These are businesses that cater mainly to the hunting and shooting community.

Fundraising Events

The NRA also hosts fundraising events throughout the year, including banquets, auctions, and raffles. These events provide an opportunity for the organization to raise money.

Not only its members donate, but also supporters that promote its mission and values.

Political Action Committee

Finally, the NRA has a Political Action Committee (PAC) that raises money to support political candidates. They support candidates who share the organization’s views on gun rights.

Overall, the NRA’s funding comes from a variety of sources, including membership dues, donations, corporate partnerships, fundraising events, and political contributions.

The organization has faced criticism for its funding sources and political influence. However, it remains a powerful force in the gun rights debate.

The NRA Foundation and Grants

The NRA Foundation is a charitable organization that supports firearm-related activities and preserves the right to bear arms.

It provides grants and other forms of financial assistance to local, state, and national organizations that promote shooting sports, hunting, and firearms safety.

The NRA Foundation receives funding from a variety of sources. But one of the most significant sources of revenue is through fundraising and grants.

The Friends of NRA program is a grassroots fundraising effort that has raised over $1 billion for The NRA Foundation since its inception in 1992.

The program hosts banquets and events across the country, where attendees can bid on items in live and silent auctions.

The proceeds from these events go directly to The NRA Foundation.

In addition to fundraising, The NRA Foundation also receives grants from various organizations and individuals.

According to its website, The NRA Foundation has awarded over $335 million in grants since 1990.

These grants support a variety of programs, including youth education, shooting range development, and law enforcement training.

Last Thoughts

So, the NRA relies heavily on donations from its members and supporters to fund its operations and political activities.

The NRA remains a powerful force in American politics. They have a significant amount of influence over gun policy at the federal and state levels.

The organization’s ability to mobilize its members and supporters has allowed it to push back against efforts to restrict gun rights.

If you are interested in learning more about the NRA’s finances and political activities, you can consult the sources cited in this article.

It is important to be informed about the organizations and individuals who are shaping the debate over gun policy in the United States.

This will allow you to make your own decisions about how best to advocate for your beliefs and values.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who funds the NRA in 2022?

The National Rifle Association (NRA) is primarily funded by its members, who pay annual dues ranging from $10 to $1,000 or more. In addition to membership fees, the NRA receives donations from individuals, corporations, and other organizations. According to CNN Money, the NRA’s funding sources include gun manufacturers, gun dealers, and other businesses that profit from the sale of firearms and ammunition.

Does the NRA receive government funding?

No, the NRA does not receive government funding. The organization is a private, nonprofit organization that relies on donations and membership fees to fund its operations.

How much money does the NRA make annually?

The NRA’s annual revenue varies from year to year. The latest data out there says that the organization’s revenue in 2022 was $227 million. This was a significant drop from the $433 million in revenue the organization reported in 2016. Also, it is the lowest figure in a decade.

How does the NRA use its funds?

The NRA uses its funds to support its mission of promoting firearms ownership and defending the Second Amendment to the United States Constitution. The organization spends money on lobbying efforts, legal defence, and public relations campaigns. The NRA also funds gun safety education programs and shooting competitions.

How does the NRA influence policy?

The NRA is one of the most powerful lobbying organizations in the United States. It has significant influence over gun policy at the federal and state levels. The organization spends millions of dollars each year to support political candidates who are friendly to its cause. It uses its influence to block gun control legislation and promote laws that protect gun rights.

What is the source of income for the NRA?

The NRA’s primary source of income is its membership dues and donations from individuals and organizations that support its mission. The organization also generates revenue from the sale of merchandise, such as hats, shirts, and other items bearing the NRA logo. Additionally, the NRA receives funding from gun manufacturers and other businesses that profit from the sale of firearms and ammunition.