13 ways to earn free Crypto coins instantly in 2024.

If you wonder if it is possible to earn free crypto coins instantly online, this post is for you. I have gathered the ways you can get free coins right away.

With the increasing popularity of cryptocurrencies, more and more people see the advantage of investing in Bitcoin. However, not everyone has the means to actively buy or trade bitcoins or Ethereum, or any other cryptocurrency.

But not all hopes all lost. You can still taste the gold rush that the crypto market has become and nothing better than for free.

Getting free crypto coins will help you understand the market without risking your own money. Once you know what you are doing, you can work to increase your holdings.

This post will guide you through the process of getting free bitcoins and all you need to get started step by step.

Let’s begin!!

Can you get free cryptocurrency?

The simple and straight answer is yes. You can get free cryptocurrencies just like you would get any other fiat currency.

If you are familiar with other ways of getting free money online, let me tell you that getting free crypto coins works the same way.

More and more businesses are starting to use cryptocurrencies and that has opened a window of opportunity for you to earn free cryptocurrencies.

How can I get free crypto?

There are lots of ways you can get free cryptocurrencies. I have outlined in this post a list of more than 10 ways. Which by the way doesn’t list all the websites that offer incentive giveaways.

This post is to give a reference guide of what lies out there for you to earn free coins. From Forks to faucets your ways of earnings are abundant.

But if I have to select one way of earning this is my choice. The best ways to earn substantially more crypto coins for free include referrals, airdrops earning interest on your holdings if you have a considerable amount of cryptocurrency, or using a crypto rewards card.

However, this doesn’t mean you won’t earn using other ways.

Why would someone give free crypto coins?

The reasons for these crypto coins giveaways are several. But it all comes down to promotion. For instance, in the case of airdrops, the currency that is given for free gains traction by bringing new uses to try the new project.

Other companies are banking on the increasing popularity of cryptocurrencies and giving small rewards for free or minimum effort to attract customers.

Think about it, would you resist the temptation of someone giving free money away?. Companies know that irresistible attraction we have towards free things and how that feeling can brake the mistrust we naturally feel. Once you test something that works, you are more likely to keep using it and, even more, recommend it.

Is the free coin crypto giveaway legit?

Yes, as I mention is a relatively widespread practice to promote businesses, platforms, and new currencies, to mention a couple of reasons.

Of course, no one takes that there might be a devious company out there trying to take advantage of you. But that is rarely the case these days when there is so much info out there. However, I still like to check a website’s legitimacy before signing up.

Where can I get free crypto coins?

Stick around and you will find a lot of places where you can get free crypto coins right away.

How to get free cryptocurrency

1. Open a cryptocurrency wallet.

I assume you have primary or no knowledge of what it takes to earn bitcoins online. So this post is for an absolute beginner.

The first thing you should do is open a crypto wallet account. A crypto wallet will allow you to deposit the coins you earn on any platform. It also lets you trade your earned coins and so much more.

Some wallets also let you can also earn free coins instantly. But for now, let’s stick to the fact that you need to have a wallet.

There are a handful of wallets out there so the one you select will pretty much depend on what features you value the most. I personally use Payeer. Not for any particular reason.

I started earning coins and when it was time to withdraw my earnings I didn’t have a wallet. I saw that Payeer allows the exchange to USD and that reason only got my attention.

Usually opening a cryptocurrency wallet is free so I don’t see a reason why you would have to pay anyone to have your wallet.

Now that you have where to transfer the coins you have earned for free, it’s time to open the door to the many sites and apps that offer free crypto coins.

2. Earn free crypto coin playing games.

There is a handful of online games you can play to earn free crypto coins.

Playing games is the easiest and most enjoyable way to earn bitcoins. However, it could also create dependency, and it is time-consuming. But if you spend time playing online games, going after those platforms that let you earn while you play is not a bad idea after all.

I am sure you have heard of online casino games. Many of these sites encourage their users by giving away free cryptocurrencies.

Usually, you can get free coins bonuses to sign up to the platforms. This offers an incentive to those reluctant to try the games. After you get something free, you are more likely to return for more or join the platform.

RealPoker is an example of a casino website that offers free crypto coins sing up bonus.

When you join RealPoker, you can receive 0.0015 Bitcoin totally free. You can increase your welcome coins by playing on the site. Or you could also refer family and friends and receive a 25% referral incentive of what your referee earns.

Other examples of casino games that give away free crypto coins instantly include FortuneJack, CryptoWild, and many more.

Apart from the casino games, there are other popular games to earn free crypto coins instantly, like combat games or Spell of Genesis. Your chances of earning free bitcoin are huge, and there is an opportunity for anybody regardless of your playing habits.

If you prefer answering Quiz games, there is also a chance for you to put your ingenuity to earn crypto coins instantly. Coinbase is one such platform that encourages bitcoin enthusiasts to earn free bitcoin by playing Quiz games.

3. Earn free crypto coins instantly for finding security bugs.

Kraken pays you free bitcoin for hunting bugs

Another excellent way to earn free crypto coins instantly is by finding security bugs in software.

This way of earning will appeal more to programmers or software experts. If you are not in this group, don’t get discouraged. There is so much more for you here.

Kraken.com offers bitcoins as a way of payment when you find and submit a bug report. You will need to register to their website and provide proof of your findings.

They will try to reproduce the errors you found and if they can do so successfully you will get paid.

Their minimum payout is the equivalent of $500 USD in Bitcoins.

There is no a big warranty that you will find a bug, but still, the possibility is out there for people with your talent.

And while you are there, you might also what to check their trading cryptocurrency platform and make your free earned bitcoins grow.

4. Use crypto mining browsers to earn free crypto coins instantly

use cryto mining browsers to earn bitcoin

There are different ways you can start mining bitcoins for free. One of them is using crypto mining browsers.

CryptoTab is a browser that allows you to earn free bitcoin for using their browser. Just like you use chrome or any other browser, CryptoTab works in a similar way.

You download the browser from their website and earn bitcoin while you normally surf the internet.

At the same time, your CryptoTab browser will be mining crypto for you. That’s an easy way to get free Bitcoins.

Additionally, you can earn extra coins for inviting users to download the browser. You then earn passive income based on what the people you refer earn.

5. Use free mining software

Software like NiceHash QuickMiner allows you to mine bitcoin for free using the power of your computer graphic card.

Once you download the software, you can immediately earn free crypto coins.

Check first their requirements for GPU so you know for sure your computer can mine.

They also have an app so you are not limited to a desktop computer to mine.

6. Use Airdrops to earn free crypto coins.

Companies use Airdrops to promote new projects and products. That free giveaway is what is known as an Airdrop. And let me tell you, they are quite popular.

These free incentives give crypto companies visibility and stimulate trade.

Usually, you will have to perform a small task like reposting a twit or joining the company’s Telegram group.

If you would like to take advantage of this opportunity, check the airdrops.io website. They specialize in Airdrops.

7. Learning about crypto and earning free coins instantly.

Learn and earn at Coinbase

Coinbase is a popular cryptocurrency platform that rewards its members to learn how different cryptocurrencies work.

How does it work? You watch an educational video about crypto, and afterward, you complete a quiz.

You will earn free crypto in your Coinbase wallet for every quiz you complete.

Coinbase is the ideal opportunity to learn and earn if you are new to the cryptocurrency market.

8. Watch ads and earn free crypto coins instantly.


Watching ads exposed me to the world of earning coins online for the first time. Websites that offer this money-making opportunity are called PTC sites meaning pay to click.

There are excellent PTC sites out there that pay out suing coins. You can check the best PTC sites that pay bitcoin HERE.

My favorite of them is Coinpayu because it is easy to use and pays instantly. You can join them HERE

9. Earn interest on your crypto holdings

open and interest account and earn passive crypto coins

If you already hold cryptocurrencies, you can put your funds to work for you with a crypto interest account.

BlockFi offers an account where your crypto coins can earn up to an 11% Annual Percentage Yield (APY).

Your interest earned is BlockFi accounts are paid monthly, and there is no fee or minimum balance to open an account.

Even if you don’t own crypto yet, you can open a BlockFi interest account and transfer the funds you will start earning from what you learn here today.

10. Earn through micro-jobs.

Micro jobs sites are one of the most popular ways to make money online. They are also known as GPT sites which stand for Get Paid To.

Nowadays new sites have emerged that offer to pay out on bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency.

But the essence is the same. Is the currency that changes. These websites will pay you to complete small tasks like shopping online, filling out surveys, or watching videos just to mention a couple of tasks.

The rewards are not that juice; however, you still get free coins for doing close to nothing.

Cointiply is a site that offers rewards for doing small tasks. They have an excellent Trustpilot review of 4,7 stars. This one sounds like a good option to start with.

11. Earn free coins with Forks

follow forks to earn free coins

Let me explain what a Fork is before I tell you how to make money out of it.

Cryptocurrencies are digital assets that are powered by decentralized open-source software. This software is called a blockchain.

A Fork occurs when there is a change to the blockchain’s rules.

A new cryptocurrency is created when there is a significant change to the blockchain software code. That’s where your opportunity to cash in arrives.

Forkdrop.io keeps a record of the current and future Forks. You can check them out to get more information about how you can get free crypto coins instantly.

12. Get paid free coins to walk.

Many apps will pay you to stay healthy. If you keep an active lifestyle or are thinking of adding more exercise to your day, you can get paid free crypto coins instantly.

It is as simple as it sounds. Download the app of your choice that will pay you to do so and start earning.

Among the many apps that will reward you for staying healthy are Bitwalking and Sweatcoin.

13. Earn coins referring friends and family to websites.

Once you get to know some of the platforms that give free coins, you can start referring your friends and families to use these platforms.

Referring people to a site and earning a commission is called affiliate marketing, and it is one of the best ways to earn free crypto coins effortlessly.

Almost all platforms offer affiliate incentives since it is a great way to spread their brand and attract new customers.

But wait, it doesn’t end there. You will keep earning long after your friends have signed in for the site you refer them to. Most sites offer a commission based on the trades or earnings of the people you brought in.

Can you see how easy you will keep filling your digital wallet.? That is one way bloggers make money too.

You can start a blog yourself and promote all your favorite crypto sites if you like this idea.

14. Use free cloud mining sites.

There are also cloud mining sites that allow you to start for free to some extend, or they give you a free trial.

You can start cloud mining without having to invest a dime, and after you have earned enough, you can upgrade to a paid version, which will allow you to make a bit more.

Last thought on how to earn crypto-coins instantly.

There you have it. Certainly, there are a lot of ways to earn cryptocurrencies for free. Once you decide what choice is best for you you can start working on increasing your digital wallet.

Although I cover 14 ways there are a lot of websites you can visit to earn crypto coins. Each of these ways will produce at least 10 sites where you can go. And I am being conservative.

Which do you think will work best for you?

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