How to Transfer Amazon Gift Card to Bank Account

Amazon gift cards can be a great way to give someone money. They’re easy to buy, send, and redeem. But if you want to use your Amazon balance for something other than Amazon purchases, the problem arises.

You can’t use Amazon’s gift cards outside the Amazon platform. But you can transfer your Amazon gift card balance to your bank account.

And that is precisely what I am about to show you: How to transfer an Amazon gift card to a bank account.

There are a few options for transferring it to your bank account, and we explore most of them. As well as some ways you can earn some free Amazon gift cards to give a bust to your cash.

Let’s get started.

Can you transfer an Amazon gift card to your bank account?

The straight answer to this question is no. You CAN”T transfer your Amazon gift card to your bank account directly from Amazon.

Amazon clearly says on its term of use that its gift cards are not to be redeemed for cash or transferred you a banking institution.

Additionally, Amazon gift cards have other limitations as well. You can’t use them on any other side outside Amazon or its properties.

And you can’t transfer your cash to your bank account directly from Amazon- I repeated this one on purpose to remind you of this fact.

So if you want to use your gift money but not on Amazon, there are some ways to do this: make your money go to your bank account or get the cash out of it.

How to cash out your Amazon gift card to your bank account.

You can use several strategies to transfer your Amazon gift card money into your bank account. 

Sell your Amazon gift card.

You can use a gift card exchange platform to cash out your gift card and deposit the cash in your bank account. 

Not all the best sites to sell your gift card have Amazon’s gift card as an option, but does accept Amazon’s card. 

Take a look at the previous picture. If you have a $25 Amazon Gift Card, you can get $18.75. However, there is a fee associated with selling your gift card.

That is why you get less from your money. 

Ask friends and families for an exchange.

You can ask your family or friends if they are looking to buy anything on Amazon.

If you buy for them, they can give you the cash value of your purchase.

Sometimes the easiest solution is in front of us, and we don’t see it. Try this first, and you will be surprised at the results.

Can I transfer an Amazon Gift Card balance to Paypal?

You can’t transfer your Amazon gift card to Paypal. Your Amazon gift card is bound to your account, and you can’t deposit it on Paypal.

Paypal allows to deposit and use prepaid gift cards that function similarly to a debit or credit card. For example, you can use a prepaid Visa, MasterCard, or American Express gift card but not an Amazon gift card.

Can I transfer an Amazon Gift Card balance to Cash App?

No, you cannot transfer your Amazon gift card balance to the Cash App. Amazon gift cards are a bit restrictive.

They only allow you to use them on Amazon’s platform.

But if you are curious if someone can send you money to your Cash App without having an account go HERE.

Last Thought on transferring your Amazon gift card to your bank account.

I was about to through the towel on this post. I couldn’t find a good reason to keep going about a subject I have already covered and answer your question.

The truth is that there is no way to cash out your Amazon gift other than selling in a gift card exchange that accepts Amazon. Which, by the way, are pretty limited. Or exchange it with your family.

I have intensely researched the topic, and the only two options are the ones that I trust you can get cash out of your Amazon gift card.

Reading all the published posts on the subject made me really distressed because they contradict themself. In one section, they say you can transfer your balance; in the other, they say no.

There you have it. If you ever get to read this, since I won’t reach the number of words Google requires to rank a post, you either sell your gift card or ask a friend to buy it.

Good luck, and look at my other post if you are interested in making money online.

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