Can you make money with Roblox – 7 best ways to earn

Roblox is a free game platform where people play and gather to play with friends, and it’s pretty popular with kids. But when you start getting familiar with Roblox, you begin asking: can you make money with Roblox?

And the straight answer is yes, you can make money with Roblox. I am about to show you the best ways to earn on Roblox. And why you should start even if it seems complicated.

What is Roblox

Roblox is a free online virtual platform allowing users to program and play games others have created.

It allows you to be creative in an online world that’s competitive, fun, and safe and engage in one kind of educational environment.

With 55.1 million daily active users and growing, Roblox is one of the most popular online platforms for young kids (13 years and older).

Roblox is an open platform, which means anyone with a mobile device and internet connection can join in on the fun!

Although Roblox is free to play, it has in-game purchases available. And this is what will allow you to make money on the platform.

Any transaction that is done on the platform uses Robux.

What is Robux

Robux is a virtual currency developed by Roblox Corporation that you can use to purchase in-game items from the Robux website.

It serves a similar purpose to real-world coins, such as buying virtual goods within video games or exchanging them for other currencies.

It has no intrinsic value besides its use as a virtual currency.

How to Cash out your earned Robux

Using the Cash Out option, you can convert Robux to cash on your account page.

The Current Exchange Rate for Cash Out is $0.0035U.S. per Earned Robux. This means that if you have earned 50000 Robux, you will get $170.

There are specific guidelines that Roblox has for the cash-out process, and they will review your account after you submit a request to withdraw your funds.

You can’t initiate a Cash Out more than once a month. If you do, your request will automatically cancel, and your account may not be eligible for future Cash Outs.

What is Roblox Studio

A great way to make money with Roblox is by making mobile games or earning money from the in-game items.

Roblox Studio will allow you to create your games. The games are called experiences. Roblox studio is where you learn.

To develop the games, you will need to learn Luau, an object-oriented and open-source programming language.

But don’t worry; there is plenty of information on the Roblox website to make you a master video game developer.

A great way to make money with Roblox is by making mobile games or earning money from the in-game items. And Roblox Studio will be your secret weapon to achieve that.

What is the Developer Exchange Program

While anyone can use Roblox Studio to learn to code, create games or simply hang out with a friend, The real money-making deal is on The Roblox Developer Exchange Program (also known as DevEx).

There are some entry requirements to be eligible to join DevEx. And it goes like this:

  • Be no less than 13 years of age and older.
  • Have Earned a minimum of 50,000 Robux.
  • Have a Roblox-verified email address.
  • Have a valid DevEx account.
  • Submit an IRS form W-9 (for U.S. taxpayers) or W-8 (for non-U.S. taxpayers) with Roblox.
  • Comply with the Ongoing Service Requirements for Developers.
  • Be in complete compliance with the Roblox Terms of Use.

How can you earn money on Roblox?

Now that we have covered the basics of Roblox is time to get into the details of what will make you money on the platform.

People can make big money on Roblox. Such is the case of Milesake, a young developer who makes $20,000 a month.

He attributes his success to his willingness to try new things and constant improvement.

You won’t necessarily have to become a developer to make money on Roblox. But if you are willing to learn a new skill, that will skyrocket your earning potential.

Besides developers, there are creators on Roblox. Creators earn by selling clothes for avatars and accessories on the Roblox marketplace. You can also resell Roblox items that other people have created.

Roblox allows you to create content and Experiences(games) with minimum upfront costs. They have structures in place so you can earn and grow your earnings.

You will earn an average of 29 cents per dollar users expend while interacting with the experience you create as a developer.

There is minimum risk involved in using Roblox since you only pay after you start earning.

Can you make money playing Roblox?

You can make money playing Roblox. On top of that, you will learn other ways you can make money on Roblox. But if playing games is all you want to do to earn, then yes, you can play and earn on Roblox.

Best ways to earn money on Roblox.

These are the best ways to make money on Roblox

1. Become a developer and promote and grow your experience

Becoming a developer is the most profitable way to make money on Roblox. The platform has everything in place for you to succeed.

Since you won’t pay until you earn, that gives you extra confidence to invest your time and effort to grow and experience. Remember, experiences are games.

When you are ready to promote your game, you will take advantage of Roblox’s million daily visitors, brand awareness, and cost-effective in-house ads.

There is plenty of resources on the website to get you started learning to code. There is an entire educational website.

Roblox education platform offer courses on code and design, animation, and hundreds of free tutorial. It only takes determination on your side to become a developer. All the tools you need to succeed are at your fingertip.

So don’t be afraid to embark on a learning experience that can transform your life.

Once you start creating your experiences, you can monetize your efforts.

You will earn extra Robux just by making people engage with your experience. So the more people like your experience, the more money you make.

You must have previously earned at least 50000 Robux to join the DevEx program. Therefore you should focus your initial efforts on making Robux through other revenue options. 

In the meant time, keep learning and adding experiences. There is no warranty you will earn on Roblox, but since others have done it and are making it, you can replicate their success. 

As a developer, you will find other ways to make money on Roblox other than creating games. For example, you can create and sell pluggings and tools for other developers. 

How much will you earn as a developer? 

You will earn an average of 29 cents per dollar someone spends on your experience as a developer. 

The other percentage Roblux uses is to pay for app store fees, hosting, and operation costs. 

On top of that, you can have other sources of income that you previously established on the Roblox marketplace. Like selling avatar items, offering experience purchases, and more. From those sources of income, you will earn up to 70 percent depending on if you create them and if you sell them yourself.

Roblox uses a metric called Engagement-Based Payouts (EBP) to calculate how much time people spend on your experience. You get your earning percentage based on that. 

Roblox declares that developers reported more earnings from EBP than from in-experience purchases. This means that having an engaging experience truly pays off. 

2. Make money on Roblox by Creating and selling avatar items

Roblox avatar shop items for sale

Buying avatars is pretty straightforward. But what about selling them? Anyone with an active membership can sell on Roblox.

You don’t have to create the product yourself. If an item is marked as limited or limited U, you can privately sell it.

To find products ready to be sold, look for the icon underneath the picture on the details page.

Pay close attention to how you price your item. A lower price will make your item sell really fast.

From the transaction where you are not the creator but the seller, you can earn 40 percent of the revenue. The rest 30 percent goes to the creator and 30 percent to Roblox.

You will make 70 percent of the sale if you are the creator and seller.

So and the end, it helps if you involve yourself in the creative process. You can create and sell anything from a sword, clothing, or accessories. Here your imagination is the limit.

Kwittenhugs claims she makes 2k Robux per outfit she creates.

3. Offering private servers.

Create private server and charge for it

As a private server provider, you can select who can play your experience. And you can charge a subscription to those who want to use your server.

Private servers are suitable for playing with friends, holding meetings or classes, and saving in-experience resources.

Although private servers are free, you can charge membership to those who want to access your resources if there is enough value on your server.

4.Automatic Premium payouts

Premium payout happens automatically every time a premium user engages in your game. The cash amount is based on the time the user spends. This is another way to make extra Roblux as a creator.

5.Create a youtube channel based on Roblox characters and monetize it.

Another way to make money in Roblox involve youtube. I have seen this a lot. My son watches videos on Youtube that are created using Roblox characters. They are pretty popular among young children.

Let’s look at one Roblox-based youtube channel. The channel’s name is Broblox, and it makes Roblox cartoons.

Brobox analitics from social blade

Broblox channel has 1.4 million subscribers, and it only started in 2019- a relatively new channel. Let me tell you; growing an audience can take time.

According to Social Blade, this youtube channel is making somewhere from $19k to $303k, which is remarkable.!!

You, too, can tap into this money-making option and grow a channel. Remember, it takes time and determination, and a lot of learning needs to be involved. But it is worthy.

You can create tutorial on how to play certain Roblox games or review the top games on Roblox. Also, you can film yourself playing a Roblox game while commenting yon our thoughts. The sky is the limit, this are just ideas to get you going.

6. Start a Roblox-based blog and make money promoting the Roblox platform.

One of the most effective ways to make money online is Affiliate marketing. Companies pay you every time someone finds them because you refer them to the company.

There are other ways to promote your affiliate links. However, content is king when it comes to affiliate marketing.

Roblox has an affiliate program you can join to promote the platform. Among the key features of the Roblox affiliate program are:

  • Earn up to $0.80 every time someone registers with your link.
  • The cookies last 30 days.
  • There is no Geographical or nationality restriction
  • You will have access to your tracking dashboard.
  • Lots of promotional materials.
  • Cash-out as soon as you earn $50.
  • Options to withdraw your money include Bitcoin, Paypal, Bank Wire Transfer, WebMoney, and Yandex.

7. Investing in Roblox stock.

Investing is a long-term game; however, if you genuinely believe in the future of Roblox, you can buy a piece of Roblox on the stock market.

market performance of Roblox's shares
Roblox Corp stock summary

Roblox went public in 2021 with an initial evaluation of $41 Billion. Crazy right?

During covid, the company saw unprecedented growth because people were online more than ever.

As of today, 2020, Roblox stock is trading at 38.08 USD. This is lower than a year ago. Should you buy or not is entirely up to you. But this is another opportunity to consider making money with Roblox.

Keep in mind that you will have to make consistent contributions to make a difference. And you should talk to a financial advisor to see if this is the right choice for you.

How much money can you make with Roblox?

There is certainly a lot of potentials to make big money with Roblox, regardless of the option you choose. Some creators have made as much as $67k from a single clothing item.

There are developers making over $20k a month on the platform. That doesn’t mean making money on Roblox is easy peasy.

Most successful money makers have devoted a lot of time and resources to making their financial success in Roblox happen. Not only is time important but treating your venture like a business also pays off.

If you genuinely want to make it on Roblox, you will have to gather a team around you to scale your game. As a stand-alone developer, there is a limit to what you can do.

If you want to embark on starting a youtube channel based on Roblox, there are also a lot of possibilities to make big money. Roblox has a lot of attention, especially from young people who are the most active on the platform.

YouTubers can make millions a month. Again I don’t want to give you false expectations. Not everybody succeeds.

However, the chances of success are in your hands. Take the time to educate yourself and start taking action. What are you waiting for?

Can Roblox make you rich?

Oh yes, it certainly can. Let’s say you start making money on the side of Roblox. It doesn’t have to be a considerable amount, to begin with.

Take that excess money you are making and reinvest it in the same activity generating the money. If you have good results as a developer, do more of that but contract more people who work for you.

If designing clothing has brought you money, do more of that. Then think of diversifying your sources of income. Once you have a steady income from Roblox, you can think of investing in real estate, which is one of the best generational wealth creation channels.

Roblox can make you rich if you don’t spend all your earnings and make the money work for you.

Last thoughts on making money on Roblox.

I have covered the best ways you can make money on Roblox. From developing your own games, designing accessories, or creating a youtube channel. The possibilities are endless.

Now it is your turn to take massive action and make the next success story of Roblox millionaire. I believe in you!!

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