16 legitimate Data Entry jobs Websites to work from home (2024)

Working from home has never been more convenient than it is today. Finding legit opportunities for you to make money online might be a daunting task; that is why I put together a list of the best legitimate 16 Data Entry jobs websites where you can start applying for from the comfort of your home and without investment.

But before we dive into our list, let’s cover some topics you need to be aware of before deciding to make data entry your career path.

What is a data entry job?

A data entry job involves input financial, coded, and other information into computerized databases, spreadsheets templates using technologies like keyboard, mouse or optical scanner, speech recognition software, or any other data entry tool.

Primarily you will be required to have completed a secondary school or college depending on the job’s complexity that you will have to perform.

Data entry tasks used to be primarily done in offices, but that has completely changed, and now you can work from the comfort of your home

How much do data entry jobs pay?

The average base hourly rate of a Data Entry clerk in Canada is $15.57, with an annual salary of between $28k and $46k. It also varies depending on the company, city, and experience level.

On the other hand, in the USA, the average base hourly rate for a data entry clerk is $13.84, with an annual salary ranging from $22k to $41k. It also takes into account the level of expertise.

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Skills required to perform online data entry jobs from home.

It is important that you evaluate the skills you possess to see if they align with the skills that are usually required to perform a data entry job.

  • Typing and transcribing
  • Computer and technical skills
  • Organizational and time management
  • Communication skills, both written and spoken
  • Some jobs might require you to have customer service skills.
  • Accuracy and attention to detail.
  • Multitasking

Depending on the position you are applying for, you might be asked to improve or add any other skill.

Equipment that you need to do data entry jobs from home.

Consider that you may need to upgrade or buy new equipment.

What you need for sure is a PC. Check with the jobs provider the minimum requirements of your PC before deciding to purchase or upgrade your PC.

Having two monitors will simplify your work beyond belief. This is super easy to install. Just make sure your video board allows you to install a second display, and if it does, it is almost a matter of plug and play.

Fast Internet connection is a must, so keep that in mind went you calculate your inicial costs.

How to avoid Data entry jobs scammy websites

I am afraid that all the work from home online and data entry jobs websites affairs inevitably attract scammers. They bank on people’s vulnerability to steal information and money from you. That’s why you need to be alert for any alarming signs.

Scammers are masters of deceit, so even if you are talking to them on the phone and telling them they are not real, when something sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

I have had my fair share of scammers trying to fool me. I was sent once a check to deposit it in my bank account and send a percentage of the money back to them through Western Union. Hadn’t it been for the lady from the bank that alerts me about the scam, I would have felt for it. So those things happen to anyone.

Red flags to spot a scam

Overly high pay compensation.
Asking for wireless transfers.
Requesting money to complete training or to register to be considered for their job offers.
Difficult to track the company or hardly any online record that proves the company is legitimate.

Even if I have crossed out all the red flags, and everything seems legit. Please give them a second look and dig deeper. Look in sites like Trustpilot or the Better Business Bureau to see if there is a review that doesn’t sound good. Always double-check you are dealing with a reputable data entry job website.

Lastly, don’t overshare your personal information. It is a good idea to create a separate email account to apply for online jobs.

Finally, let’s start listing the places where you can find data entry jobs.

1. FlexJobs

The first to make it to the list of legitimate data entry jobs websites is FlexJobs. FlexJobs have been connecting data entry workers with the right jobs opportunity since 2007.

They have built quite a reputation for themself as a trustworthy platform, and companies like Apple, Dell, and Capital One trust them to look for the right candidate.

There is a chance that you, as a data entry jobs seeker, might end up being hired by one of those awesome companies.

2. Capital Typing

This is a website that offers data entry services and often has open positions for you to check.

To be the first to receive their job offerings, you should register for their newsletter, where they send solicitations for new talents.

They offer flexible hours and full-time and part-time options. To apply for any position, they’ll ask you for a CV and complete a task to check your data entry skills.

3. Quicktate and IDictate

Quicktate is a data entry jobs website that offers transcription services. To provide this business, they hire home workers to transcribe audio into text.

You will get paid based on the type of document you receive to transcribe. For example, for a general transcription document, you will earn 0.0025 per word; Meaning you will get 1 cent for every four words.

For medical transcription, you will make 0.0050 cents per word which accounts for 1 cent for every two words.

Payments are sent every Monday via Paypal. So make sure you have your PayPal account set and ready to receive payments.

Quickstart is also associated with IDictate. After spending some time working at Quickstate consistently delivering high-quality results, they may invite you to do data entry for IDictate. Consequently you will receive higher commissions earning.

They are a legitimate company. Even though they don’t ask you for previous experience to qualify for a job, they do require a background check to make sure you have a clean background. This is because they process sensitive information for their clients. The cost of the police check is $20.

4. Sigtrack

Sigtrack is another site to find legitimate data entry jobs to perform from home. They link grassroots campaigns with data entry freelancers.

They are only available for USA residence, and you will need to show them proof of residency. Also, they have restrictions for the residence of California and Massachusetts. Working as an independent contractor in California is now illegal with few exceptions. That’s why they don’t accept you if you reside there.

Check your PC requirement and make sure that it runs Windows 10 or macOS 10.13 or higher Windows 7 SP1 usually works. You also need high-speed internet.

You will get paid electronically via PayPal, and it is your responsibility to pay taxes on your earnings.

5. Speakwrite

Speakwrite is a legit online platform currently hiring to transcribe audio into data. You can select your schedule and work as much as you like.

If you have working experience in a law firm, including legal transcription and word processing experience, they prioritize people like you. Also, speaking Spanish is an added asset.

Only legal residents of Canada and the USA can apply, and they don’t accept applications from California residents.

They require a minimum average typing speed of 60 words per minute with a 90% and up accuracy. To prove you possess this skill, you will have to pass their typing test.

Their application process is entirely stray forward. Once you are approved, you can start watching the training videos and will receive some training jobs to practice and sharpen your skills.

6. Amazon Mturk

Amazon Mechanical Turk is a crowdsourcing marketplace website you can join to make extra money performing data entry jobs and various other small tasks.

You don’t need special skills to join and can work at your own pace. Once you complete a data entry task, your earnings will be displayed on your account dashboard and transferred to your bank account. Or you can op to receive an Amazon gift card instead.

It is still not openly accepting all nationalities, so check their requirement to see if your country is on the list of accepted countries. The list is constantly changing, so if your country is not listed today, you could check later to see if Mturk added it.

7. Working solutions

Working solutions is a website offering legitimate data entry jobs from home along with other appealing positions to work from home.

As an independent contractor, you set your hours and choose your schedule. They are only actively hiring the USA and Canadian residents.

To apply, you fill out the forms and take a 30 min assessment. Once your application is accepted, you wait for the right job that is interested in applying.

You can also make extra cash through their referring program.

Here is a youtube video that explains what does it entails to be an independent contractor.

8. Scribie

Scribie is a great data entry job website. They are always hiring. They will not be a good fit for you if you only want to type text.

You will be working with audio files that your will type as accurately as possible into readable data.
For their application process, they require you to pass a test and get certified as a transcriber. This certification will be valid for other platforms as well.

You will earn between $5 to $25 per audio hour pay rate. Additionally, you will receive a bonus compensation of $5 for every 3 hours you complete.

10. Clickworker marketplace

Clickworker always has something for you to do to make money from home. It is free to join, and you are not limited only to data entry tasks.

You can make money, for example, by taking pictures to teach artificial intelligence software. However, if you only want to perform data entry jobs, you wait for them to become available. They have a mobile app where you can stay up to date for their latest gig requests.

11. Lionbridge

Lionbridge has a set of companies providing data entry services for businesses that are developing artificial intelligence technologies.

They are a leading company in translations and linguistic with a track record of more than 20 years of existence. You, as a Data entry contractor, will be a contributor to this exciting new tech.

The tasks you will perform include labeling images, voice recording, labeling words in a body of text, digitizing written documents, audio transcription, and more.

Anyone from around the world is welcome to apply to become part of their team.

12. Cass Information Systems

Competitive pay and a team that wants you to be part of their culture are some of the reviews you find about this company. They regularly hire for data entry jobs from home, and you can find the latest opening position by registering on their website. Also, they have opportunities all over the world.

13. TTEc

TTEc is a website mainly focused on providing customer services for its clients, but once in a while also offers legitimate data entry jobs to work from home.

If you are looking to make a long-term career with them and would like to advance, they promote and give you ways to grow. Also, you will have access to their training to help you settle on your role and beyond.

14. Kendall Creek Communications

Kendall Creek Communications is a website actively hiring for data entry positions. It is based in the USA.

They have a selective process, and it involves a few tests. Once you get accepted, you start earning minimum wage until they assess your work quality and start earning more. You may need to provide a full background check for some clients.

They generally pay by the page ranging from .75 per page to 1.75 per page, depending on the job.

15. Indeed and Ziprecruiter.

Your next option to find data entry jobs websites to work from home is jobs boards. They have already screened the employer posting the job offers, which gives you some security sense that you are actually applying for legitimate jobs.

My favorite site to apply for data entry jobs is Indeed, but you can also find others helpful like Ziprecruter or Workopolis.

If you have a Linkedin profile, you can also look for data entry jobs through that platform.

16. Fiverr and Upwork

Freelance websites like Fiverr or Upwork offer an abundance of opportunities to work collecting and processing data. The only thing is that you will have to think more like a business owner rather than an employee. But there is room to make more money which is better in the long term.


There you have 16 data entry jobs websites to start applying to right now. If, after all, you decide data entry is not for you, you would like to check other options like jobs that do not require phone calls, and the best jobs for stay home mom.

Making extra money from home is quite possible these days, and there are thousands of opportunities out there from taking surveys or clicking ads for a profit. However, there are real money-making opportunities that can completely change your life course. Have you ever thought about starting a money-making blog?

Well, my friend, I hope you enjoy the reading, and I wish you good luck in your data entry job pursuit.

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