31 Top Free Apps That Pay Real Money Instantly

Looking for free apps that pay real money instantly? Yes, they do exist. I have gathered the best selection that will put money in your pocket right away.

I have signed up for most of the apps listed here. The ones that I haven’t used yet have been thoughtfully researched. So, feel confident using them.

I am glad you have landed here, it shows you are interested in making extra money using your phone.

If you are like me, you probably check your smartphone quite often every day, and it is always with you.

Well, my friend, it is time to take advantage of your phone and make your online time produce some extra cash for you.

Are there truly apps that pay you instantly?

Money-making apps are abundant and are legit. You can certainly make money to cover your cellphone plan or cover other monthly expenses. But these apps won’t make you rich.

If you find an app that is offering riches, be cautious, I wouldn’t sign if I were you for more tenting the offer was.

Legitimate apps will pay you, but there is a limit to how much you can make, so keep that in mind.

How to select the best App that will pay you instantly.

Not all apps that pay you are equal. They differ in the payment amount, the tasks you will perform to get paid, or the effort and time you have to put in to earn money.

To select the best app for you, start by defining your earning goals and how much time you have available to deploy to the task.

So you should consider the following factors.

How much money can you earn from the app?

Except for the investing apps listed here, the rest won’t make you rich. They won’t even make you as much money as a part-time job or side hustle.

Considering that, you should select an app based on how much you want to get paid for your time and effort.

If you are looking to substitute your income, Surveys, mystery shoppers, or cash back apps won’t do the job. Instead, use apps like Uber or Postmates, and if you have money to invest, then WealthSimple or Robinhood.

How much effort do you have to put in to get paid?

The next big thing to consider is how much effort you are willing to commit.

If you want to use the apps while you’re comfortably lying on your couch or while you wait for your bus to get home. Or do you want to drive people around your city or walk a dog or pet a cat?

The effort you put into performing an activity will be directly proportional to the amount you will get paid.

App reputation and fees

All the apps that I have listed here are free to join. That doesn’t mean that an app that asks you for a fee to join is necessarily a scam; I prefer to dig deeper when I have to give away personal information like my credit card.

Before signing up for any app, make sure to check its reputation. A google search will help you clear any doubt. However, sites like Trustpilot or the Better Business Bureau have far more insights into a business’s legitimacy.

Do apps really pay you?

Yes, it is true. Tons of money-making apps will pay you for the most unthinkable thing like clicking ads or shopping.

Best Apps that Pay you real money Instantly

1. Swagbucks

One of the free apps that pay real money instantly is Swagbucks. And it is one of the most popular money-making apps as well.

From what I have experienced, it is also one of the most rewarding platforms to get paid the most money for your time.

The Swagbucks app will pay you instantly to take surveys and complete small tasks like shopping online, watching videos, searching the web, or giving you cashback for your purchases.

One of the best indicators of a good app is its review. The Swagbucks app has been downloaded over 1M times and has a review of 4.2 stars.

The points you earn, you can convert to cash and transfer it to your Paypal account. Or if you prefer, you could op to receive a gift card from your favourite store.

2. Survey Junkie

Free apps that pay real money instantly are abundant. For example, Survey Junkie pays you to share your opinion through surveys or engage in behavioral market research.

The way you earn with Survey Junkie is straightforward. Every time you complete a survey or other tasks, you earn points that you can instantly redeem for cash using PayPal or e-gift cards.

Survey Junkie is a well-known survey website trusted by millions of people that come to the app to make extra money online, including me. Moreover, it is free to join.


Free apps that pay real money instantly, like Qmee, let you earn cash rewards for sharing your opinion and helping shape the future of your favorite brands.

When you earn survey money, Qmee pays you instantly in real-time. Meaning you have access to your money any time you need it.

Additionally, you can earn cash rewards for searching and shopping online. If you want to add this feature, you will need to download and install the Qmee app to your browser.

4. Wealthsimple

great investing app that will put lots of money on your wallet.

Free apps that pay real money instantly have different roles. For example, Wealthsimple is an investing app that will give you a free stock.

At the time of this writing, they just announced it would start giving a free stock for every friend you refer to their platform. Making Wealthsimple is one of the apps that pay you instantly.

When you invite friends to Wealthsimple Trade and they fund their account, they’ll earn the cash equivalent of two stocks, and you’ll earn one.

You could earn stocks from Tesla, Shopify, or Air Canada, for example.

Wealthsimple will give you the money equivalent to the stock you earn.

The stock is selected randomly, and it could be valued at anything from $5 to $4500. That’s bold!!

5. Robinhood

Investing app that will pay you instantly

Free apps that pay real money instantly also reward you to sign up to their platform. For example, Robinhood is an investing app like Wealthsimple that will pay you instantly when you sign up. How? Well, they will give you a free stock. That is super awesome!!.

This app serves a greater purpose. If you start making real money on the other apps I have listed here, you can invest what you earn on Robinhood and make your money grow.

Robinhood offers free trading, which is fantastic. If you have worked with a financial advisor, you know their fees can eat up all your earnings.

Investing can be intimidating at the beginning, but I promise you it is easier than it sounds. If this is something you will consider, start by downloading the app and start practicing.

Also, consider reading The Intelligent Investor. This book will give you the tools to make sound investing decisions.

On Robinhood, you can trade stocks and funds, Options, Gold, or cryptocurrencies.

6. Honeygain

Some Free apps that pay real money instantly require no effort at all, not even lifting a finger. If you are looking to make money by doing nothing, then Honeygain is for you.

This free app pays you instantly for sharing your internet connection. Don’t worry. It is safe, and lots of people use Honeygain to earn passive income.

They also offer the Lucky Pot feature, where you can earn up to 10000 credits instantly. The best part is you have the option to open it daily, so your chances of winning are even higher.

7. Gigwalk

Free apps that pay real money instantly will also give you cash to walk! can you imagine that? The Gigwalk app pays you for performing small tasks using your smartphone instantly after you have completed your gig.

Each gig is different from the other, and on your gig posting, you receive specific details of the tasks.

Using your Phone’s GPS signal, the app will show gigs available to your area, and you can request to complete the gig you are interested in.

The Gigwalk app is available on Android and IOS devices. It is one of the free apps that pay real money instantly

8. Mistplay

Get pay instanlly to play games

If you are into gaming, then some free apps that pay real money instantly will be your best ally. Mistplay is a popular game app that will pay you to play. The more you play, the more you make.

To this date, the app has been downloaded more than 10M times, and Mistplay has to pay its members well over 9M combined. It has a review of 4,1 stars on google play, which is fantastic.

When you play, you collect units that later can be redeemed for gift cards of your choice.

9. Paribus

Paribus app will give you money back for you purchases

Other free apps that pay real money instantly will put money back in your pocket. Paribus from capital one is an excellent app that will find you refunds for purchases you have already made.

Just download the app and keep generally shopping as you always do. Paribus will monitor the prices of the goods you buy by tracking your confirmation emails.

If there is a change in prices from what you bought, Paribus will notify you and help you get your money back.

They claim they have saved app users well over $29 million. Now can you see how it makes it to the list of apps that pay you instantly, right?

They track prices from major retailers like Amazon, Target, Home Depot, Gap, Best Buy, and so forth.

10. Coinpayu

What about the free apps that pay real money instantly in the form of Bitcoin? Coinpayu is a free app that will pay bitcoins for watching advertisements and completing offers instantly.

They are a PTC platform which means you usually earn by clicking ads. Another way to make money with Coinpayu is by referring others to download the app to earn or advertise.

11. Mobee

Mobee app will pay you instantly for shopping

Other free apps that pay real money instantly are exciting and will have you secret shopping. Mobee is an app that will pay you to complete a secret shopping mission.

This is how it works. Start by downloading the app on the App Store or Google Play and browse for a mission near you. That’s it!!

The mission will consist of answering questions about a restaurant or store that could be, for example, Domino’s or Macdonald’s.

Once you finish a mission, you get rewarded with free points to redeem for gift cards almost instantly.

12. Ibotta

Some free apps that pay real money instantly have been around fro some time. Ibotta, for example, is a free app you need to have in your money-making app repertoire.

Even if it doesn’t pay you directly, it will put money back in your pocket, so in a way will pay you to help you save on purchases you usually do.

Right now, Ibotta is offering $20 for downloading the app, so it is an excellent chance to make quick money just to start using the app.

13. Rover

Have fun with pets and get paid for it

Some free apps that pay real money instantly are great for pet lovers. For example, The Rover app will pay you instantly to walk dogs or sit cats.

It is easy to get started. Create your profile showcasing information pet owners will value, and then make yourself available whenever you have time to pet sit or walk pets. You set your own schedule.

Rover has different options that will allow you to make more money. For example, opting to offer boarding services will pay you 2x more than pet sitting.

14. Money App

The Money App is another example of free apps that pay you instantly. You will share your opinion, play games, test services, watch videos, and more to earn rewards. As a result, you will collect rewards that you can later convert into cash using your Paypal Account.

15. ICash

Free apps that pay real money instantly can help you if you are in an emergency. If you need cash super fast and have no time to do anything in exchange for money, Icash may be for you.

Icash is a free online lending app that can give you $100 to $1500. The application process is simple. The money can be in your bank account in as little as 2 minutes via e-transfers.

If your credit is low, don’t worry, you could also apply for a loan. Even though they check your credit score, it is not the determining factor in approving you for the loan.

To apply for a loan, simply install the app. Following that, select the amount you would like to borrow and the number of repayments. Follow the instructions to create an account. Yes, it is that simple!!

Their review Trustpilot reviews are outstanding, and I am super impressed. Take a look at the following review taken from Trustpilot.

Icash trustpilot review

They do have bad reviews, but they are from unsatisfied people with the high cost of borrowing. Keep that in mind, borrowing comes to a price, and these same-day loans are aggressively high. If you can stay away from this form of borrowing, you better do. I know life happens sometimes, and you have no other option. That’s why I have listed it here.

16. Rakuten

Who knew shopping could be so rewarding? Earn cash back and get paid via PayPal or check.

Rakuten, formerly known as Ebates, is a popular cashback and shopping rewards platform that allows users to earn real money instantly by shopping online at their favorite stores. Here’s how you can make money with this free app that pays real money instantly:

  1. Sign up: To get started, create a free account on Rakuten.com or download the Rakuten app on your smartphone.
  2. Browse offers: Browse through a wide variety of stores and offers available on Rakuten. The platform features numerous popular retailers, including Amazon, Walmart, Macy’s, and many others.
  3. Shop: When you find an offer that interests you, click on the link to visit the retailer’s website. This will activate the cashback offer, which will be a percentage of your total purchase amount.
  4. Complete the purchase: Shop as you normally would and complete the purchase on the retailer’s website. Rakuten will track your transaction and calculate your cashback based on the offer’s percentage.
  5. Earn cashback: Once your transaction is confirmed by the retailer (which can take a few hours to a few days), your cashback will be credited to your Rakuten account. The platform typically pays out cashback every three months via PayPal or check as long as your account balance is above $5.

While Rakuten may not pay out instantly in terms of receiving the cash in your bank account, it does allow you to earn cashback instantly as you shop. The more you shop through Rakuten, the more cashback you can accumulate, leading to significant savings over time. Additionally, Rakuten offers a referral program, enabling you to earn extra cash by inviting friends to join the platform.

17. InboxDollars

Fill your inbox with dollar bills by taking surveys, watching videos, and shopping online.

InboxDollars is a popular free app that pays real money instantly and an online rewards platform that allows users to earn real money by completing different online tasks, like taking surveys, watching videos, playing games, and shopping online. The platform rewards users in cash rather than points, which you can then redeem via check, PayPal, or gift cards.

Here’s how you can get started with InboxDollars:

  1. Sign up: Create a free account on InboxDollars.com or download the InboxDollars app on your smartphone. You may receive a signup bonus just for joining.
  2. Complete tasks: Browse through the various tasks available on the platform, such as taking surveys, watching videos, playing games, or signing up for offers. Each task will have a cash reward associated with it, which you can earn by completing the task successfully.
  3. Earn free money: As you complete tasks, your earnings will be added to your InboxDollars account. Keep in mind that some tasks may require a few hours or days for approval before the earnings are added to your account.
  4. Cash out: Once your account balance reaches a minimum of $30, you can request a payout. InboxDollars offers various payout methods, including checks, PayPal, or gift cards from popular retailers.

InboxDollars is a legitimate way to earn some extra cash in your spare time by completing tasks online. While it won’t make you rich, it can be a fun and convenient way to make some extra money from the comfort of your own home.

18. MyPoints

Collect points for various tasks and redeem them for gift cards or cash with this free app that pay real money instantly.

MyPoints is a well-known app that will allow you to earn points by completing tasks, like taking surveys, watching videos, shopping online, and more. You can exchange these points for gift cards, PayPal cash, or travel miles.

Here’s how you can get started with MyPoints:

  1. Sign up: Create a free account on MyPoints.com or download the MyPoints app on your smartphone. You may receive a signup bonus in the form of points just for joining.
  2. Complete tasks: Browse through the various tasks available on the platform, such as taking surveys, watching videos, playing games, or shopping online through their partnered retailers. Each task will have a specific number of associated points, which you can earn by successfully completing the task.
  3. Earn cashback: When you shop online through MyPoints, you can earn a percentage of your purchase back in points. The platform features numerous popular retailers, making earning points while shopping at your favorite stores easy.
  4. Accumulate points: As you complete tasks and shop online, your points will be added to your MyPoints account. Keep in mind that some tasks and shopping transactions may require a few hours or days for approval before they deposit the points to your account.
  5. Redeem points: Once you have accumulated enough points, you can redeem them for various rewards, including gift cards from popular retailers (such as Amazon, Walmart, and Starbucks), PayPal cash, or travel miles through the platform’s partnership with United MileagePlus.

MyPoints offers a convenient and enjoyable way to earn free rewards for activities you may already be doing online. You can then enjoy some extra spending guilt-free

Apps that pay you to drive

19. Uber

Uber is the most popular driving app. Probably the first that comes to mind when talking about ridesharing apps.

According to Indeed, you can earn on average $45,330 per year. Uber is a free app that can make you a full-time income, or you could treat it as a side hustle.

20. Lift

If you want to reach a broader driving market, Lyft will help you capture the clients that don’t use Uber.

Lift is an Uber competitor, and they work in the same way. If your car doesn’t comply with Lyft requirements, you have the option to rent one using Lyft’s Express Drive Program.

21. Postmates

Postmates is a food delivery available in the USA and the major cities in Canada.
You have the option to withdraw your money instantly if you op to it.

It is easy to join their fleet. If you follow the requirements, you can start delivering right away.
Uber acquired Postmates back in December 2020. Yet, the brand is still sought after their loyal driver.

Apps that pay you instantly to play

22. Solitaire Cube

Solitaire Cube is a free app to earn money instantly by playing tournaments head to head with other players. They offer a free version where you can sharpen your skill before joining the pro league.

The real money is made in the tournaments, and you have to pay an entry fee based on the prize that is going to be disputed.

Aside from money, you can earn gift cards, electro domestics, and some claims, even cars.

23. ClipClaps app

ClippClaps is a free app that will pay you instantly to play games. You will earn coins which can later be cashed out to your Paypal account or select a gift car.

24. Bubble Cash app

If you want to earn money instantly and easily, nothing beats Bubble Cash. This app will pay you to burst bubbles!! can you believe that? The truth is that this is a legit free app, and yes, you can earn money that way. You will have to watch some ads while you are on the app, but that is a trade-off. In the end, that is how all these apps make money.

25. Foap

Are you a shutterbug? Sell your photos and cash real money instantly with Foap. Foap is a free mobile app and online platform that allows photographers and content creators to monetize their photos and videos by selling them to individuals, brands, and businesses worldwide.

Foap connects creators with potential buyers looking for unique and high-quality visual content for various purposes, such as advertising, social media, or websites.

By consistently uploading high-quality content and participating in missions, you can increase your chances of making sales and earning extra income through Foap.

When a buyer purchases your photo or video, Foap splits the revenue 50/50 with you. This means you’ll earn 50% of the sale price, while Foap keeps the other 50%.

Once you have earnings in your Foap account, you can cash out via PayPal.

26. Gigwalk. Take on gigs in your neighborhood and get paid

Gigwalk is a free mobile app that pays real money instantaneously that connects users with businesses that need temporary or short-term work completed.

This free app allows users, known as “Gigwalkers,” to find and complete location-based tasks or “gigs” in their area, such as taking photos of products, verifying store displays, or providing feedback on customer experiences. You will be immediately paid for each gig you successfully complete.

27. TaskRabbit

Be a rabbit and hop from task to task, earning cash along the way. TaskRabbit is a free app that connects freelance labor with local demand, allowing consumers to find immediate help with everyday tasks, such as cleaning, moving, delivery, and handyman services.

TaskRabbit operates by allowing users to post tasks they need help with, and then “Taskers” (independent contractors) can browse and select jobs that match their skills, availability, and location.

Users can review Taskers’ profiles, rates, and customer reviews to make an informed decision about who to hire.

Once a Tasker is selected and the task is completed, payment is processed through the TaskRabbit platform.

28. iPoll

Make your opinions count and earn rewards in the process.
The iPoll app is a free mobile application that allows users to participate in market research surveys in exchange for real money. By completing surveys, users can earn cash, gift cards, or entries into sweepstakes.

The app aims to gather consumer opinions and feedback on various topics, such as products, services, or experiences.

You can create an account and complete a profile, which helps the platform match you with relevant surveys. The iPoll app is available on both Android and iOS devices.

After conducting surveys, you can redeem your rewards instantly through various options like PayPal, Amazon gift cards, or other gift cards from popular retailers. The iPoll app provides a convenient way for users to share their opinions and earn rewards while contributing to market research data.

29. Streetbees

Share your thoughts on various topics and buzz your way to real cash.
Streetbees is a market research platform that uses artificial intelligence and geolocation technology to collect real-time insights from consumers across the globe. The company connects with its user base through a mobile app, which are called “Bees,” which can participate in various tasks and surveys in exchange for instant cash rewards.

These tasks often include answering questions about their habits, preferences, or experiences, sharing photos or videos, or completing other activities related to market research.

By leveraging the power of AI, Streetbees analyzes the data collected from these “bees” to provide brands and businesses with valuable insights into consumer behavior, preferences, and trends.

30. UserTesting

Test websites and apps, then give your feedback for a quick payout.
UserTesting works by connecting businesses with a diverse pool of testers who match their target audience demographics.

These testers are asked to perform specific tasks using the product or website while sharing their thoughts and experiences in real time through a screen recording and audio narration. Then they are paid real money instantly for completing the tasks.

More free apps that pay real money instantly

I could keep going on giving you free apps that pay real money instantly. But I think you have a lot to digest by now. As I find the best apps to earn free money, I will add them here.

31. Dosh

Connect your cards, shop, and watch the cash back roll in.

Dosh is a free cashback app that offers users an opportunity to earn cash back on their everyday purchases at participating retailers, restaurants, and service providers.

The app aims to help you save money on your regular expenses by providing them with automatic cashback rewards.

To use Dosh, you need to download the app on your iOS or Android devices, create an account, and link your debit or credit cards to the platform. Once the cards are linked, you can earn cash back by making purchases with those cards at participating merchants, both in-store and online. The cashback amount varies depending on the merchant and the current promotions.

Dosh’s primary appeal is its ease of use; there’s no need to scan receipts, enter promo codes, or clip coupons. The cashback rewards are automatically accumulated in your Dosh wallet, which can be transferred to a linked bank account, PayPal, or donated to a charity once a certain threshold is reached (typically around $25).

In addition to cashback rewards, Dosh also offers a referral program that allows you to earn extra cash by inviting friends and family to join the platform.


There you have a comprehensive list of apps that will pay you instantly. If you have one and it is not listed here, feel free to add it to the comments. I will check it out.

Hope you find the best app for you and that this post opens the door to your next money-making endeavors.

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